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Press Release - Power Interruption (Document Number A-2015/11)

Press Release - Document Number A-2015/01

Press Release - Document Number A-2014/01

How to find power interuption details via website

Press Release 09-01-2012.pdf
Buying of Solar Energy

Press Release 05-06-2011.pdf
Bill Delivery (28/04/2011)

Regarding Small Bill Amounts B-6/2011/79.pdf
Bill Delivery (28/04/2011)

Press Release A-2011/56
Press Rlease (06/04/2011)

Press Release A-2011/55
Press Rlease (06/04/2011)

Press Release (31/03/2011)
Press Rlease (31/03/2011)

Press Release - A-2010/03
Press Rlease - A-2010/03

New Tariff Structure for all islands (STELCO powerhouses) except Male', Vili-Male, Hulhu-Male and Thilafushi.
Tariff structure for all islands (STELCO Powerhouses) except Male', Hulhumale', Villingili and Thilafushi effective from 1st April 2010

Regarding STELCO's Services
STELCO in dhemun gendha karantuge hidhumathah hama agu negun

New Tariff Structure for STELCO
Tariff structure for Male', Hulhumale', Villingili and Thilafushi effective from 1st November 2009

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