Bank of Maldive's Billpay Service

Pay your electric bills through BML's BillPay Service

Now our customers can pay for their electric bills online. Customers who own or have access to a Maldives Internet Banking (MIB) account can go online and pay their bills through BML's BillPay Service. Below is an example of how you could fill in the form to pay your bills.

Electric Bill
STELCO bill demo - Marked in Red are the compulsory fields that are required as minimal.

BillPay demo form - Marked and labled in red are the respective
fields to be filled.

BillPay Rules

  • Account on disconnection - Account must not be disconnected for online payments.
  • Amount exceeds credit limit - Payment amount must be within the credit limit of NOT more then MRF100 including the bill amount.
  • Bill Already Paid - Bill was previously paid.
  • Bill Not Found - Incorrect account/bill number or missing of any compulsory fields when customer made the payment.
  • Payment Date Not Allowed - Payment date not within acceptable delay period of 5 days.
  • Referenced Part Payment Bill - Part payment bills are not allowed.
  • TQ: Exact Bill Amount Required - Accounts on termination queue requires a full payment of bills.
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